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M.A.M #1 with practise support
Benefits of learning with MAM


Achieve legendary status

Performance is a major part in the development of any musician, first it gives purpose to all of the hours spent developing your instrument skills, practising, rehearsing, fine tuning! It can be for fun or can be part of a working musicians earnings.

Not only does it provide purpose for your practising efforts, it’s highly enjoyable and rewarding. You will gain valuable life skills that will impact on all elements of your life such as increased self confidence, communication and team work, problem solving and presentational skills.

All in all this is a key step in reaching legendary status!

With the Music Academy Midlands performances we prepare students in all aspects looking at musicianship, presentation and managing nerves to ensure great performances each time. We encourage all of our students from the age of 4 to take part.

We arrange events and shows, at great venues such as The Artrix, The MAC, Picnic in the park, Barnt Green social club as well as many other venues and shows.