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M.A.M #1 with practise support
Benefits of learning with MAM

Learning with M.A.M

No.1 in Music Tuition in the Midlands


Enjoyable, fast paced, vibrant and immersive!

… each lesson is a 1-2-1 lesson as we believe this is the most effective way of learning that can be tailored and fully directive towards each student.

Students become familiar and comfortable in the great learning environment in the perfect green belt setting Barnt Green. (And to make life easier there is also great parking facilities 😉 )

100% Pass Rate

In music exams across all instruments 🙂

#1 In Practise Guidance

We believe it's all in the guidance and preparation

What to expect in each lesson

  • You will be welcomed, time will be provided for students, and parents and guardians to ask any questions and receive advice on lesson performance and continuing building skills outside of lesson.
  • There will be professional instruction throughout the lesson through a range of activities targeting skills, helping to build musicianship.Tutors will demonstrate, teach and evaluate to help you master each musical technique.
  • As students develop opportunities and invites will be provided to join bands, music groups and other opportunities taking you one step closer to becoming a musical legend.

Benefits of learning with MAM

  • Safe:
    Learn in a Safe Equipment. Our tutors are all DBS checked & have attended safeguarding courses.
  • Quality of teaching:
    All of our tutors are well supported with regular observations and support sessions to discuss students progress and future planning.
  • Relevant Content
    Learning material thats relevant and in the correct order will help keep students interested.
  • Practise support
    We provide the means to track and measure progress encouraged by reward based learning. MAM holds monthly prize draws for epic practise.
  • Recitals
    Solo instrument recitals to encourage practise and performance even if not involved in the bands.

Available Instruments:

  • Guitar (Acoustic, electric, classical)
  • Drum Kit
  • Saxophone
  • Brass instruments
  • Singing (vocal lessons)
  • Piano/ keyboard

Opening times:

Mon – Fri: 4 – 9pm
Sat: 8.30am – 9pm (Bands, Drums, Guitar only)


Lessons are priced at _______ . This is paid on a a month by month basis. Full terms and conditions will be provided at your trial lesson or first lesson.

For more info or to book a trial lesson.