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M.A.M #1 with practise support
Benefits of learning with MAM

Guitar – Drum Kit – Singing – Bass Guitar
Saxophone – Brass – Piano/ Keyboard

Congratulations on taking the first steps in becoming a music legend!

Each trial lesson is an action packed 30 minutes experience with one of our professional music tutors. This provides an opportunity to gauge if the instrument lessons are suitable. It’s also a good to time to grill the tutors with any questions you might have so make a list, get thinking before you arrive and fire away, we’re here to make the step into the world of music as easy as possible!

Book me a trial lesson

Fill in the form below, one of our team will be in touch asap to arrange a suitable date and time for your trial lesson. (We aim to respond within 24 hours).




So there it is you’ve done it!
Here are some of the benefits of leaning with M.A.M

– Professional vibrant teachers
– Performance and development opportunities
– Continuity with tutors
– 100% music Exam pass rate with most exam boards
– Practice planner and support provided! (I would challenge any school to be
more focused practised than our students 🙂
– Modern teaching approach
– All equipment can be provided
– Comfortable learning environments
– Plenty of parking at the venue